This page is to help you find national law school rankings, us news world report law school ranking, the top tier law schools, and Newsweek law school ranking to aid in your selection of which law school you select to attend.

Of course the "granddaddy" of all law school ratings is U.S. News & World Report's law-school rankings. But you already knew that and have found out they want you to subscribe (read: pay money) to find out their information.

However, this site's mission is to save you money so that you can afford to go to law school. Here is a list of free sites that provide information national law school rankings to the top tier law schools.

The Alternative Law School Rating Scene

Brian Leiter's Law School Rankings Website, by Prof. Brian Leiter, Hines H. Baker & Thelma Kelley Baker Chair in Law at the University of Texas School of Law.

Customize Your Law School Search, LSAC Official Site

The American Bar Association's "Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools"

Law School Ratings A sortable index to all 181 U.S. law schools, based upon the raw data reported by each school. Sort by the following criteria: Average GPA (25th-75th Percentile), LSAT Score (25th-75th Percentile), Median Salary, Acceptance Rate, Student-to-Faculty Ratio, Employment Rate at Graduation, Employment Rate 9 Months After Graduation, School Bar Pass Rate, States' Bar Pass Rates, and School Bar Performance vs. State's Overall Performance. Perform reverse sorts as well. The most current information publicly available!

Law School Profiles An alphabetized index to all 181 U.S. law schools. Complete profiles on each that include all the above information, as well as links to their web sites, online law school applications, and more!

The Best Law Schools: Ranked Learn 18,000 students' opinions of the top law schools from the Princeton Review.

Knowing the value of a law school's diploma to firms that pay big first-year salaries is important. The average public law school tuition is around $14,000 while a private law school will cost you around $30,000 per year. While law school rankings are important, do not chose a law school on that basis alone. If you plan on working in California, do not go to law school in Florida.

Here are some more resources that will help you decide and then be sure to check out our LSAT page.

Law School Application Checklist If you are starting to think seriously about law school and have targeted a date of one year (or later) from now as your matriculation date, you are right on schedule for a (relatively) relaxed application process.

There seems to be too much emphasis placed on national law school rankings. Don't pass over the schools in your area just because they are not in the top tier of law schools. Graduating from a school in the area where you plan to practice may be more important than law school rank.

Law School Placement rates, salaries, tuition, and average debt by school

If you are considering law school I highly recommend Delaney's Legal Reasoning. For LSAT study guides click on the link at left.


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