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For criminal law study aids I recommend the Glannon and Crunch Time Criminal Law. There is a list of criminal law outlines below that you can go over but you really need to develop your own outline. Use these only as a guide and to be sure you have not missed anything. The criminal law essay is where you need to pick out and discuss the issues. Your criminal law professor has a grading sheet and has assigned a value to each issue. The key is to recognize and then discuss each issue in the short amount of time allotted. The best way is to go over old criminal law exams and do a timed practice.

A study of the general principles of criminal liability, including the justification of punishment, general concepts of act and fault, principles of justification and excuse, the significance of resulting harm, and accountability for acts of others. Certain specific crimes, such as murder and manslaughter, are also examined. Modern statutory developments provide a significant focus for study. 

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Criminal Law Essay Exam

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Disclaimer: Outlines, briefs and past law school exams are from a variety of sources and have not been verified for accuracy. Use at your peril.

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Crim Law Overview with emphasis on New York Law

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Cornell Overview of Crim Law

Fourth Amendment Law An online supplement to the two-volume Search and Seizure by Lexis Law Publishing, the site provides case updates and commentary on the law of search and seizure, arrest and detention. Covering the Fourth Amendment and state law, chapters discuss probable cause, consent searches, seizure of vehicles, searches of professional offices, border searches, airport searches and more.

Criminal Law Exam Taking Tips Excellent resource especially for Texas Criminal Law.

Handbook on Criminal Law Download the Handbook. Contains past criminal exams with model answers.

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