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For study aids I recommend the CONTRACTS EXAMPLES AND EXPLANATIONS and CRUNCH TIME. There is a list of contracts outlines below that you can go over but you really need to develop your own outline. Use these only as a guide and to be sure you have not missed anything. The law school essay exam is where you need to pick out and discuss the issues. Your law professor has a grading sheet and has assigned a value to each issue. The key is to recognize and then discuss each issue in the short amount of time allotted. The best way is to go over old contract exams and do a timed practice.

The course is a study of issues of contract formation, interpretation, breach, defenses, and remedies. Contract doctrines such as "consideration" and "offer and acceptance" and modern deviations from the traditional model are presented, as are various defenses to the prima facie case of contractual obligation. These include the traditional defenses of duress, misrepresentation, mistake, impossibility, and frustration. The contract remedies of monetary damages, specific performance, rescission and reformation are also explored. Among the other issues that may be studied are the parol evidence rule, the statute of frauds, and the rights of third party beneficiaries.

Contracts Outlines

Old law school outlines are excellent guides but are not a substitute for preparing your own. Mainly you should use them to supplement your own outline to be sure you have not missed anything. Here are some sources of contract law school outlines.

How to Create an Outline

Contracts Outline from Santa Clara

2013 Outline Professor Burnham

Emanuel Law Outline for Contracts If you purchase only one supplement then buy this one. Highly recommended

Outline Bank from NYU

Outline Bank from Legaltree

Contacts Case Briefs

Your law school professor will probably insist that you do contract law case briefs. In my opinion this is a waste of time since law school case briefs are available from a number of resources. You do need to read the contract case law and understand the concept the case stands for. Here is an outline of contract cases and legal case brief resources.

Contract Case Briefs

Law School Case Briefs

Contracts Case Briefs

Contracts Exams and Websites

Flowcharts and Exams

Past California Bar Exam Question and Model Answer

Essay Exam Questions and Model Answer

UCC Essay Exam Questions and Model Answer

Old Law School Exams Contracts, Civil Procedure and Remedies

Contracts Past Exams and Grading Guide George Washington University



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