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Commercial law is the study of business transactions, contracts, secured transactions and the Uniform Commercial Code or UCC. The commercial law hornbooks are heavy reading. I strongly recommend the little ABC's of the UCC. They will give you an advantage going into your commercial law, secured transactions or UCC exam.

Commercial Law Focus is particularly well suited for law students considering a commercial litigation practice, a business practice (one involving the planning of and drafting documents for commercial transactions), or a general law practice. In these practices, a lawyer is highly likely to encounter commercial law sales, financing, and payment matters, in addition to questions involving remedies and bankruptcy if a transaction turns bad. Lawyers in such practices, particularly those in a litigation or general practice, are also likely to encounter commercial law consumer-protection and products-liability questions that arise out of sales of goods and related transactions. Finally, the Commercial Law Area is valuable to students who are interested in private international transactions because it provides training in the area of international business transactions and enables students to tie together legal treatment of domestic and international commercial law transactions.

These courses cover the basic law governing the sale of goods, security interests in personal property, methods for providing for payment of obligations, and treatment of a debtor's obligation in a bankruptcy proceeding.

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Uniform Commercial Code

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