Law School Electives

As I get time I will be adding links to the various law school elective courses with law school study aid recommendations and outlines. Currently I have added Federal Courts, Secured Transactions, Trial Advocacy, Environmental Law, Bankruptcy Law, Federal Tax, Remedies and Equity.

Your third year or 3L is where you try to decide what type of law that you want to practice and you select your elective law school courses accordingly. Some of the courses most commonly suggested include Corporations, Federal Income Taxation, Administrative Law, Family Law and something in the area of Intellectual Property. If you are interested in applying for a judicial clerkship, then you should considering taking Federal Courts. Many would suggest taking at least one course that involves a particular governmental agency, since many areas of law involve agency regulation in one way or another. In addition to Tax, you might consider courses, for example, in the areas of Labor and Employment Law, Environmental Law, or Securities Transactions or Bankruptcy. Finally, you might want to consider taking an elective course that examines the social or political impact of the law on a particular group or aspect of society.

Federal Courts

Federal Courts Casebooks and Study Aids

Secured Transactions

Secured Transactions Study Aids

Secured Transactions Exam

Payment Systems Exam with Student Answer

Secured Transactions Outline

Secured Transactions Outline

Trial Advocacy

Cheap Trial Advocacy Books from Amazon

Trial Objections in Criminal Cases

Tips on Effective Opening Statements

Tips on Making a Closing Argument

Environmental Law

Environmental Law Study Aids

Rapanos Blog

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law Study Aids

Federal Tax

Federal Tax Law School Study Aids

Remedies and Equity

Law School Remedies Essay Exam with Model Answers from 2002

Remedies Law School Exams and Answers from Stetson

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