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The Rules of Evidence govern what the judge will allow to be admitted into the record in a court proceeding. The issues covered include the burden of proof, admissibility, relevance, weight and sufficiency of the proffered testimony or physical evidence. The Federal Rules of Evidence  govern the admissibility of evidence in federal trials, but state rules of evidence are generally the same as the federal rules. Some of the reasons evidence may be excluded is if it is obtained illegally, irrelevant, hearsay or prejudicial.

For Evidence study aids I recommend the Glannon Guide and Crunch Time Evidence. There is a list of outlines below that you can go over but you really need to develop your own outline. Use these only as a guide and to be sure you have not missed anything. The law school essay is where you need to pick out and discuss the issues. Your law professor has a grading sheet and has assigned a value to each issue. The key is to recognize and then discuss each issue in the short amount of time allotted. The best way is to go over old Evidence exams and do a timed practice.

A study of the rules of evidence and the reasons underlying these rules, with particular emphasis on the Federal Rules of Evidence. Among the topics included are: competency and examination of witnesses, including impeachment; relevancy; the hearsay rule and its exceptions; privileges; writings; opinion, expertise, and experts; scientific and demonstrative evidence; and other issues.

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If you are allowed to take your evidence outline into the exam, be sure to do an index. You will lose a lot of time trying to search your law school outline for the correct rule unless you prepare an index.

Outline and Case Briefs Excellent Discussion on Hearsay and Numerous Case Briefs with Explanations

Rules of Evidence

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