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For constitution study aids I recommend the Examples and Explanations and Crunch Time. There is a list of law outlines below that you can go over but you really need to develop your own outline. Use these only as a guide and to be sure you have not missed anything. The law school essay is where you need to pick out and discuss the issues. Your law professor has a grading sheet and has assigned a value to each issue. The key is to recognize and then discuss each constitutional issue in the short amount of time allotted. The best way is to go over old exams and do a timed practice.


The Constitution (including its 27 Amendments) is made up of hundreds of clauses.  Some of the clauses are more important than others or have been hotly debated as to their scope, meaning, or effect.  These clauses are given names by which they may be referred.  The following includes some of the more important clauses courtesy of the Legal Information Institute:

Commerce Clause
Confrontation Clause
Commander-in-Chief Clause
Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment
Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment
Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment
Full Faith and Credit Clause
General Welfare Clause
Necessary and Proper Clause
Search and Seizure Clause
Takings Clause
Grand Juries Clause
Supremacy Clause

Con Law Outlines

Con Law Outlines

Bar Review Outline

Con Law Outline Barnett

Disclaimer: Outlines, briefs and past law school exams are from a variety of sources and have not been verified for accuracy. Use at your peril.

Constitutional Law Case Briefs

Con Law Case briefs

Constitutional Law Case Briefs

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I highly recommend that you review the following site.

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